Everything to know about the church of Greece

Every tourist visiting Greece would definitely visit the Churches of Greece which make up the communion of Orthodox Christianity. The church (εκκλησια) was under the control of the Patriarchate since its establishment. However the Ottoman Turks took over its control under their rule. Here are some of the most beautiful churches in Greece

The Monastery of Agios Ionnis Theologos

• It is on the Island of Apocalypse
• It is founded in Patmos in the 10the century.
• The church is the ancient temple of Goddess Artemis

Church of 7 martyrs

• It is located in the region of Sifnos
• Sifnos indicates island associated with 336 churches. The region is filled with chapels as well as monasteries
• The Church is made in Cycladic style. The Cycldic style belongs to the Brown age that is 3200 – 1050 B . c .. The brand comes from a band of islands within the Aegean sea.
• It is amongst the most beautiful church buildings of Greece as it holders against the gem blue seas of the adjacent sea.
• The isle of Sifnos acquired its name from the ancient temple involving Apollo, the Greek god. This area is the origins of Cycladic civilisation. It absolutely was one of the most wealthy islands inside the ancient history with huge amount of minerals such as gold, gold, bronze and so forth.

Church of Panagia

• It is one of the first Byzantine eazines?a in Greece
• It has been built in Next century BC.
• There are Hundred doors from the church. Ninety nine doors are visible. It can be believed that your 100th door would appear from the church any time Constantinople becomes Ancient greek again.
• The Byzantine Chapel are the chapel of the Roman country. They were created hen the Romans reigned over the region in the centre ages. They will established the city of Constantinople.